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“What’s new in kids’ helmets this season?” Wipeout™: The Dry Erase Helmet, of course!

Lots of great press today as the Associated Press ran a story on “What’s new in kids’ helmets this season?” and included Wipeout™: The Dry Erase Helmet as a reason why “kids who balk at the idea of wearing head protection for outdoor activities might find it harder these days to argue that helmets aren’t cool. From dry-erase helmets to ones shaped like animals and bugs to others in bright colors, many of today’s helmets are designed to make kids want to wear them long after the bike is parked or the snowboard stowed.” We totally agree and love the fact that because Wipeout™ helmets let kids reflect their individuality and creativity, kids actually want to wear their helmets. What’s cooler than that??

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